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I am actually working on Flash movies, even though it doesn't really seem like that.
So far I have a SONIC-HALO flash movie inspired by TheWax70's flash! And a shorter flash which I find humorous, I hope you all will too, plus a couple of shorts that I might compile into one flash.

I hope to finish these soon and then post them on here! Awesomesauce!
Aidos for now,

Well I'm glad you all liked my "Multiples" flash a little bit. I'm currantly working on a bunch of other flash movies. Includig, Parodies, Music, and plenty others.

So be expecting for some more! =)

Hello NewGrounds!

2009-09-30 11:14:16 by TheDramaticGamer

This is my first time on NG, I would've joined earlier, but I was waiting until I had gotten better with Flash. I think I'm now ready to start posting Flash movies on the Web!

My first flash will be for Halloween 2009! So expect it on the 31st of Oct. :)